Our Story
RubyzchoiceOur Story

Our daughter, Ruby, was born in 2016.  Like many new parents, I was on a steep learning curve.  Amongst the many challenges was how to source good quality, 100% organic, affordable clothing.

Sometimes I ended up in the Boys section if I wanted to buy her a blue, green or grey colour.  Of course, I don’t have anything against pinks and purples  – in fact Ruby’s first choice is usually purple. But I am a firm believer that, as parents, we should be able to choose whichever colours we wish to have for our children, regardless as to whether they are little boys or girls.

Ruby has always been very clear in her own mind what colours she wants to wear – and so the idea of Rubyzchoice was conceived.  A unisex wardrobe of pyjamas where the only thing that matters is ensuring the highest quality using the very best products.  Where both little girls and boys are free to select their favourite colours from the rainbow.

The other thing I learnt very quickly is that kids come in different sizes.  And that whilst age can be a helpful predictor, it often isn’t.  So I decided to size all our clothes at Rubyzchoice by height of the child (in cm).  For those that aren’t 100% sure their child’s height we have a helpful table to estimate size by age.  But in buying clothes by size (and not age) we ensure our little one’s pyjamas fit every time.