Buyers guide to purchasing pyjamas for kids age 0-7
RubyzchoiceBlogBlogBuyers guide to purchasing pyjamas for kids age 0-7


Sleep is so important to the development of children, so it is really important to ensure that they are comfortable in bed. Being comfortable will help them to get a good night’s sleep which in turn will help them with the important stages of their growth and development, both physical and developmentally. This means ensuring that not only are their rooms a good temperature. Experts recommend that a safe sleeping temperature for a child is between 18 and 22 degrees. However, aside from this you need to make sure that they have comfortable sleepwear.

What size should I choose?

There are so many choices out there when it comes to sleepwear for children, so it is important to make sure that you buy the right thing. Many high street companies measure their children’s clothing by the age of a child, but as any mother will tell you, children often don’t follow this particular set of “rules”. It is often better to look for pyjamas that are sold using height as an indicator, as this will give you a much better fit.

At Rubyzchoice we only sell pyjamas by height. We understand that all children are unique and grow at different rates. However we do have a handy little guide that can help you if you are new to this type of sizing and give you approximate ages as an indication.

In order to get the best size, begin by measuring the height of your child. Our pyjamas run from 90cm to 140cm with sizes increasing by increments of 10cm. If your child is between 2 sizes, you may prefer to size up, as children can have sudden growth spurts.

What material should I choose?

100% cotton is the perfect choice for children’s nightwear. It is comfortable, lovely, and soft against the skin and breathable. A more synthetic fabric may become hot and uncomfortable overnight resulting in a poor night’s sleep.

It also washes incredibly well; an important consideration for any parent when picking clothes for their child. All of our children’s pyjamas are machine washable for this very reason.

The weather is very changeable, and therefore so is the temperature, so keep this in mind when purchasing. Some pyjamas are heavier and great for winter whilst others are lighter and more suited to spring and summer.


Some children love the snug feel of a more fitted cuff on their pyjamas, both at the ankle and wrist whilst others prefer them to be a little looser, so don’t forget to factor this into your decision when selecting nightwear. It is an entirely personal choice, and one that they may voice as they get older. We sell pyjamas with both types of cuffs.


One final thing that you will want to consider when purchasing pyjamas is of course the colour. Some people prefer to purchase plain block coloured pyjamas whilst others prefer something with a pattern. Whilst this might not present too much of a problem with choice whilst your child is younger, they may want to help you pick their pyjamas when they get a little older.


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