Pyjama days

There is nothing nice than being snuggled up indoors in really comfortable clothing, with nothing to do but relax, and no need to get dressed and leave the house. Pyjama days are not just for children, they are a great way of taking time out from the busy, hectic, schedule of modern life and just enjoying the simple things in life.

During this particularly stressful time, it is really important that we all take the time to look after our mental health, and the mental health of those around us, and scheduling a pyjama day is a great way to do this.

What is a pyjama day?

You might have heard the term pyjama day but never actually had one. The idea is simple. You stay in your pyjamas all day, relaxing in your home, with no plans and no need to even leave the house. It is not the same as spending all day in your pyjamas because you are not well.

Some people like to spend pyjama days curled up on the sofa with their children watching films, eating popcorn, and drinking hot chocolate. For other families it might mean a day of board games or even a day spent building Lego models; anything goes.

National pyjama day

You might be surprised to learn that there is in fact a national pyjama day, a specific date dedicated to spending the entire day in your pyjamas. Here in the UK that date is 17th July, so mark it in your diaries for next year. Other countries also have national pyjama days as well although they mark the occasion at other times of the year.

There is also a national pyjama week here in the UK which is organised by The Children’s Trust as a fundraiser and takes place at the beginning of October.

What can you do on a pyjama day?

There are plenty of activities that you can do during a pyjama day. The main goal is to stay comfy and cosy whilst having a day off from it all. If you have young children then it can be a good idea to get them involved in planning how you should spend your pyjama day. After all, even though you are relaxing you probably don’t want to spend all day watching the television.

Board games can be fun for the whole family so why not set aside a couple of hours to play some games that are suitable for everyone in the family to enjoy. If your children are young, then you might want to team up and have a “competition”.

Perhaps you could get involved in playing with your children’s favourite toy or make-believe game. Whether this means setting up the wooden train track so it takes over your lounge, or creating imaginary monsters with the Lego, there is something very therapeutic about returning to the simpler things of childhood, even if it is only for a day.

Finish your pyjama day with a family film and hot chocolate. Just don’t forget to change into fresh pyjamas for bed so that you have a nice comfortable night’s rest.

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