Fun Bedtime Routine Activities For Kids
RubyzchoiceBlogBlogFun Bedtime Routine Activities For Kids

An enjoyable bedtime routine is an important pre-requisite to a good night’s sleep for anyone and a positive bedtime routine will help to make your children relaxed. Once you have a good routine established, your children won’t resist bedtime anymore because they will quickly become accustomed to a comforting, predictable, and familiar routine. Whether you begin your child’s bedtime routine with putting on their favourite boutique children’s pyjamas, or you start it with a relaxing story, by including some of the following activities into your child’s bedtime routine, you will have them falling asleep faster and staying asleep throughout the night sooner.

Here are fun bedtime routine activities that your kids could do each night:

Have A Healthy Snack- about a couple of hours after dinner, children can have a simple, healthy snack to keep their bodies fuelled through the long night. A few pieces of fruit or some granola are healthy snacks that your child will enjoy. Avoid having large snacks because it would turn into the fourth meal. If your child has a full stomach, it will interfere with his sleep.

Choose A Bedtime Playlist- relaxing music can give your child a relaxed mind. Studies have shown that calming music contributes to improved sleep quality and it also helps lessen stress. When choosing a bedtime playlist, make sure it won’t stimulate your child’s mind. Children have their own unique preferences, so classical music or smooth jazz doesn’t always produce desired results. Decide what kind of music that your child would respond to better. Slow instrumental lullabies or a Mozart lullaby can be the most appropriate for your child’s bedtime playlist.

Read A Book- it’s a classic bedtime activity that many children often expect. Choose stories that support narrative comprehension and mental imagery, so children will become captivated by the storyline. It’s also a great way to start an interest in literacy and your children will be more motivated to learn to read. If possible, read something new each day to keep your children entertained before they fall asleep.

Pyjama Fashion Show- let your children choose from a couple of different pairs of organic children’s pyjamas and let them put on a bedtime fashion show to see which pair gets the most votes from parents or siblings. It could be their rainbow pyjamas, or maybe their favourite character pj’s.

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