Ways To Relieve Night-Time Anxiety In Children
RubyzchoiceBlogBlogWays To Relieve Night-Time Anxiety In Children

Night-time anxiety and fear are quite common among children. Darkness, noises, and imaginary monsters can be just some of the reasons why your children have elevated anxiety levels at night. It’s understandable why people experience fear because it serves as a self-defence mechanism. When our ancestors spent nights in caves, there were risks of wild animals or raiding intruders.

     Children have more active imagination than adults, which explains why they overthink an unexplained creaky noise at night. Your home may shrink a bit at night due to lower temperature, causing occasional noises, but your kids may think it’s a creepy monster sneaking into their bedroom. There are many things that parents can do to relieve night-time anxiety in their children.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some ways to relieve night-time anxiety in children:

Ask Your Child To Wear Comfortable Pyjamas- boutique children’s pyjamas are designed as comfortable sleepwear with proper fabric material. They could be made of lightweight cotton, soft flannel, or silk. For children, 100% organic cotton is the preferred material for pyjamas, due to its hypoallergenic property, comfort, and softness. Comfortable pyjamas can help relieve night-time anxiety in children. For younger children with more sensitive skin, they will sleep easier and better. Due to the feeling of comfort, your children will no longer wake up in the middle of the night. If your children wear a comfy pair of organic children’s pyjamas, night-time anxiety will be less of a concern.

Manage Lighting- many children have a fear of the dark and they refuse to sleep in complete darkness. If you have a dimmer, you can adjust the lighting to the most suitable level of illumination. Your children may find it difficult to get restful sleep if the bedroom is too bright. Compared to adults, children have bigger pupils and their eyes are more sensitive to light. Excessive exposure to light suppresses the level of melatonin at night, making your children restless in bed. Some parents may give their children a tablet or smartphone as distraction, but these devices emit blue light that interferes with sleep process.

Help Your Children Distinguish Between Wild Imagination And Real Threats- most children have very active imaginations and parents need to remind them that those monsters are just in their minds. Be understanding if your children insist that those creatures exist and avoid being condescending.

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